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(Where applicable, lead Councillor shown in brackets)

Roads and Safety

4 of the 6 “Twenty is Plenty” signs for Cranmore village are now in position (Lodge House East Cranmore Lane; East Cranmore Lane at village edge from All Hallows; Piers Road from ESR entrance, Cooks Lane from north).  2 other sites (Piers Road from A361 and at village left turn) are in hand, to be completed soon.(JB)

 A reply from SCC Traffic Management  on “ Road Issues for Cranmore” (see para 9.4 of minutes of PC Meeting 14 Dec 2020) is summarised as follows:

                Enhanced signage at Tansey crossroads -  Not permitted; “prescribed signage” already exists

                30 limits at Tansey Crossroads & Dean - Evidence and consultation to be funded by Parish (£5-10K)

                New Speed Indicator Devices                     - 2 new devices for Waterlip procured by PC. Possible for Tansey.

                Signalised Pedestrian crossing, 4 way traffic signals, Junction widening, Roundabout, Footbridge.

                All these would have to be Small Improvement Schemes (SIS) to be proposed via our County Councillor,

                Mr Phillip Ham.

Continue Community Speedwatch activity at Tansey, Waterlip, and new locations in Piers Road and Cranes Cottages, (East Cranmore Lane).(JB)

An identical exchange SIDS machine for Dean reprogrammed to  40mph has been offered by  County Hall, who will advise when this is available. (JB to chase).  

2 new SIDS for Waterlip have been procured by the Parish Council, kindly funded  by local businesses, and will be in place in due course (AC).

3 CSW members to be trained as Moving Works Operatives to change batteries for  Waterlip and Dean SIDs.(JB/AC)

Ensure that vegetation and hedges do not encroach on road or reduce carriageway width by using SCC website reporting system and direct contact with property owners. This includes any highways issue such as signage, road markings, potholes.

Rights of Way problems or obstructions can be reported directly on SCC Rights of Way map. (ALL + public)

Hold Defib. Training when Ambulance authority able to resume training.  New defib. Installed at Hall. (JB)

Amenity Improvements

Strode Arms  A welcome brief  re-opening is now subject to lockdown.

 Community sports field  (cricket ground). Work with Cricket Club to improve facilities and public access, including grass cutting, moving Football Goal, better seating,  fruit trees  and wildflower area for community enjoyment if feasible. Complete perimeter fence on community sports field and consider how to encourage wider use of tennis court especially by young people. Consider installing new perimeter walkway. (Interrupted due to illness of cricket club contact) (ALL)

Jill’s Close. Maintain equipment. Resurface slide area with wetpour, and consider planting a willow tunnel. (DR/JB)  



Memorial Hall

Offer all assistance to Hall Committee and invite community suggestions how to improve informal and free day time access to hall and Jubilee Room for the wider community.

Good Neighbours

Continue to look out for and offer support where needed, especially in respect of older and more vulnerable residents, who need to feel safe and cared for. (ALL)

Continue to publicise and administer Parish COVID emergency grant scheme.  (CT)

Multi User path along ESR route

Encourage developments and funding for route from Shepton to Wanstrow, to include Cranmore.

Mendip District Council is working on a proposal to secure budget funding which will be scrutinised in February and considered in MDC Cabinet in March this year.

Other Ongoing Activities

Budget, planning, grass cutting, training and recruitment of Councillors, attend virtual and actual meetings, quarry liaison.etc . Encourage public participation in community matters and virtual meetings. Publish and distribute Grapevine, update the Cranmore website,  and use Facebook Cranmore eChat page to communicate.(ALL)




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