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Few of you cannot have failed to notice the much-improved entrance to Jills Close. The slope has disappeared and even large vehicles can access the amenity with ease. This project marks the successful conclusion of a combined effort including Wainwrights, John Shepherd Engineering, the Parish Council and village volunteers. Well done to all involved!

This week we were pleased to welcome a representative from Viridor; the company who supplied most of the funding for the replacement of the Village Hall roof. Nick Berry, the company representative, said he was delighted to view the finished article. It was a very timely visit as the Memorial Hall has been redecorated throughout and Nick was able to view from inside and out.

The project is yet another example of our local groups working together to achieve something really special and which villagers will be able to appreciate for many years to come.

Firstly, we would like to thank Leila Hodgkins for designing this exciting new website. She did so free of charge and we are all very grateful to her.

Secondly, this is Cranmore’s website. We want it to be informative for both existing residents and also for those who are moving to or visiting the area. We have lots to shout about and we are hoping that this new tool will help us to do this more effectively.

To local businesses, we would welcome information from you. Please use this website as a means of making residents more aware of you.

To all parishioners, there is a wealth of history within our community; we would love you to send us stories and pictures from the past.

The web will also be an excellent tool for promoting local events; please keep us informed

Every cloud has a silver lining. With the lock down and the most generous funding from Viridor, you may have noticed a significant change in the appearance of the Memorial Hall. We are expecting work to begin any day now on the hall roof; a much needed replacement as the present construction has been in place since the end of World War 1. As the Cranmore and Doulting Playgroup had to close temporarily, the work could commence well ahead of schedule and it is hoped to cut the ribbon on our refreshed leak-free hall before the children return.

Cranmore Play Area and Tennis Court  Closed

Sadly the Cranmore Play Area and Tennis Court is closed until further notice.

Here are copies of 3 of the notices put on parish noticeboards today. Hope you find something of use. Stay Safe.


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