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April 2022 was meant to augur in a new era for our buses. It was the month when the £3 billion as part of Bus Back Better, National Strategy for Buses for England, could be used to improve bus services. People could be invited to abandon their cars and opt for the ‘greener’ option of going by bus on journeys to nearby towns and villages.

To improve buses across the county, Somerset had put in a bid for £163 million of Bus Back Better money. That was the sum of money Somerset needed because Somerset bus services currently are the worst rated of any county in England. But the Bus Back Better fund has been over subscribed 8 times by all the bids from across England and so it’s unknown how much money Somerset might get. But it’s unlikely to get anything like what Somerset needs.

The 2 years of Covid with endless warnings not to use buses has seen bus passenger numbers down 40% on pre Covid levels. This has meant the Government has had to step in and subsidise bus services in order to keep them running. To fund this the Government has diverted more than half of the £3 billion pot allocated for transforming our bus services to just maintain our current bus services.

Worse still, the Government has still not said whether it will keep funding our existing bus services from April.

If it doesn’t, then without this subsidy, bus services across the county (including here in Somerset) could “fall off the side of the cliff” (as said by Wera Hobhouse, Bath MP). It’s been estimated 30% of bus services would go. Some bus services could even disappear completely.


Without this Covid Bus Recovery Grant, a leading bus operator has said, “The bus sector is hurtling towards disaster.”  

So what can we do?

Could you please … today … send an email (doesn’t need to be long) to the Government Buses Minister demanding that the Covid-19 Bus Recovery Grant funding is continued beyond April. Send it to BARONESS VERE OF NORBITON (Buses Minister) - email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Also copy your email to your MP:

o          DAVID WARBURTON (Somerton and Frome) - email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

o          JAMES HEAPPEY (Wells) - email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   

Please also copy in Somerset Bus Partnership to any emails too. Our email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


Additionally, if you should speak to any of the candidates for the Somerset Unitary Council May 5th elections, please ask them what their plans are to protect and improve our bus services here in Somerset. There’s never been a time when our bus services in Somerset have been at so much risk.  


Somerset Bus Partnership Team

A Call to Action from Cranmore Parish Council

Bus Back Better and the Somerset Bus Partnership

Earlier during June & August this year, in response to the Department for Transport Bus Back Better initiative the Cranmore Parish Bus Service Improvement Plan or (BSIP) was submitted along with similar feedback documents by all the parishes across Somerset to the county council as part of the wider community planning for improving all bus services.

Better Bus Back

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Book your classes: 01749 346644


On Thursday 22nd July, The vicar, Revd Johnathan Newton-Dunn, Church Warden, Gerry Locke and Chair of the Parish Council, Ann Crowcombe met to say a big thank you to Wolf Stonemasons. Recently, the village cross, which is believed to be some four hundred years old, fell from its plinth and was shattered. The local firm offered to replace it and a member of their staff, Darren Hill made an excellent job of carving a new one. The church owes the company a big debt of gratitude.

Pictures from the official opening of the newly refurbished Museum, Old Waiting Room and Ticket Office at Cranmore Railway. Wildlife artist, Mandy Shepherd, daughter of David, performed the opening on Wednesday June 30th.

It was a great turnout when Cranmore said goodbye to Mike the Postie. He had given Cranmore many years of devoted service and he will be sorely missed. Despite the knobbly knees and the fact that he was an Everton supporter, the village knows it will never be the same again. Nothing was too much trouble and his friendly smile brightened our day especially during the recent difficult times. Have a great retirement Mike!


(Where applicable, lead Councillor shown in brackets)

Roads and Safety

4 of the 6 “Twenty is Plenty” signs for Cranmore village are now in position (Lodge House East Cranmore Lane; East Cranmore Lane at village edge from All Hallows; Piers Road from ESR entrance, Cooks Lane from north).  2 other sites (Piers Road from A361 and at village left turn) are in hand, to be completed soon.(JB)

 A reply from SCC Traffic Management  on “ Road Issues for Cranmore” (see para 9.4 of minutes of PC Meeting 14 Dec 2020) is summarised as follows:

                Enhanced signage at Tansey crossroads -  Not permitted; “prescribed signage” already exists

                30 limits at Tansey Crossroads & Dean - Evidence and consultation to be funded by Parish (£5-10K)

                New Speed Indicator Devices                     - 2 new devices for Waterlip procured by PC. Possible for Tansey.

                Signalised Pedestrian crossing, 4 way traffic signals, Junction widening, Roundabout, Footbridge.

                All these would have to be Small Improvement Schemes (SIS) to be proposed via our County Councillor,

                Mr Phillip Ham.

Continue Community Speedwatch activity at Tansey, Waterlip, and new locations in Piers Road and Cranes Cottages, (East Cranmore Lane).(JB)

An identical exchange SIDS machine for Dean reprogrammed to  40mph has been offered by  County Hall, who will advise when this is available. (JB to chase).  

2 new SIDS for Waterlip have been procured by the Parish Council, kindly funded  by local businesses, and will be in place in due course (AC).

3 CSW members to be trained as Moving Works Operatives to change batteries for  Waterlip and Dean SIDs.(JB/AC)

Ensure that vegetation and hedges do not encroach on road or reduce carriageway width by using SCC website reporting system and direct contact with property owners. This includes any highways issue such as signage, road markings, potholes.


For some time now a fund has been available to the residents of Cranmore Parish.  It is there as a one-off contribution, to help those of us who are in real need of short-term financial assistance during these exceptional times.

For further information please contact the Parish Clerk on

07971 516916 or 01749 880428

Virtual Christingle Making, 4pm 21st Dec. with Cranmore Church.
Pick up your free Christingle goody bag at the church 4pm-6pm on the 20th Dec. or from the Village Carol Singing.
Join us on the day on Webex. Access code: 174 837 5331, Password: PgnC83D63C3.
Any questions contact Clare: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Village Carol Singing on 20th December at 6pm

Come and sing with the joy of Christmas on the steps of the Memorial Hall.

Please watch the noticeboards and Cranmore website for updates as the event will be weather and COVID dependent.

Life in the Undergrowth is a project artist Fiona Campbell developed during lockdown as a new way of looking at the world.  One of the outcomes is an enchanting short film - Fiona’s ‘first serious experiment with film-making’, and the result of a 5 month engagement with the nature in her garden. 

In isolation, I began taking life at a slower pace, sowing veggie seeds, and mending things.  Appreciating, observing and attending to nature seemed vital.’

One of Fiona’s pieces Time Capsules comprises found objects: giant molars, glass bottles, ceramics, old rusty nails.. attached to each other with fine copper wire, suspended on a steel structure. ‘During lockdown I dug up a lot of soil to make space for a studio bay.  I sold the soil locally to help finances through covid19.  Excavated from the earth in my garden, each find has a story - some known, others a mystery.’ 

Fiona’s garden in the rural village Cranmore, Somerset, was until then somewhat neglected.  It became her world and route to wellbeing, providing a sense of peace and purpose.  ‘Life in the Undergrowth’ was inspired by small hidden worlds in her garden that often get overlooked.  It became a circular process - garden feeding art and art feeding garden.

While resurrecting my veggie patch, a fascination with the entanglement of roots, worms and shoots in upturned turf led to experimental responses using to-hand materials and found objects’.  Fiona drew knotted clumps of turf; dried duckweed, sunbleached, became paper; handmade tools from plant debris generated drawings and sculptural works evolved.

Encounters between Fiona and her garden helped her form a stronger bond with all that comes and goes. ‘Witnessing transformation, life and death, it was emotional at times.  Communing with small creatures, incidents happen, some wonderful, others very sad’ says Fiona.

The project was supported by the Art Council England/National Lottery Emergency Response Fund.

Fiona’s Life in the Undergrowth project will be showing alongside some of her other mixed media artworks during Somerset Open Studios, opening this weekend (19 Sept - 4 Oct).  Visits are welcome by appointment.  This sunny start to autumn is perfect for a wander in the fresh air of her spacious sculpture garden, and safe measures will be in place in the studio: Venue 70, West Cranmore, BA4 4RH.  Bookings T: 07515537224 or E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For further information visit:

Few of you cannot have failed to notice the much-improved entrance to Jills Close. The slope has disappeared and even large vehicles can access the amenity with ease. This project marks the successful conclusion of a combined effort including Wainwrights, John Shepherd Engineering, the Parish Council and village volunteers. Well done to all involved!

This week we were pleased to welcome a representative from Viridor; the company who supplied most of the funding for the replacement of the Village Hall roof. Nick Berry, the company representative, said he was delighted to view the finished article. It was a very timely visit as the Memorial Hall has been redecorated throughout and Nick was able to view from inside and out.

The project is yet another example of our local groups working together to achieve something really special and which villagers will be able to appreciate for many years to come.

Firstly, we would like to thank Leila Hodgkins for designing this exciting new website. She did so free of charge and we are all very grateful to her.

Secondly, this is Cranmore’s website. We want it to be informative for both existing residents and also for those who are moving to or visiting the area. We have lots to shout about and we are hoping that this new tool will help us to do this more effectively.

To local businesses, we would welcome information from you. Please use this website as a means of making residents more aware of you.

To all parishioners, there is a wealth of history within our community; we would love you to send us stories and pictures from the past.

The web will also be an excellent tool for promoting local events; please keep us informed

Every cloud has a silver lining. With the lock down and the most generous funding from Viridor, you may have noticed a significant change in the appearance of the Memorial Hall. We are expecting work to begin any day now on the hall roof; a much needed replacement as the present construction has been in place since the end of World War 1. As the Cranmore and Doulting Playgroup had to close temporarily, the work could commence well ahead of schedule and it is hoped to cut the ribbon on our refreshed leak-free hall before the children return.

Cranmore Play Area and Tennis Court  Closed

Sadly the Cranmore Play Area and Tennis Court is closed until further notice.

Here are copies of 3 of the notices put on parish noticeboards today. Hope you find something of use. Stay Safe.


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